Under New (and probably the youngest) Management

The Valley House Inn was bought this week by only its sixth owner ever since the late 1800’s.  The new owner Britain, age 25, is a local of Huntsville, UT.  He and his fiancee Nicole, age 22, have fallen in love with the Ogden valley due to its small town feel and proximity to skiing, boating, and more.

Britain and Nicole were lucky enough to be able to buy the Valley House Inn.  They immediately began to appreciate its historical significance.  After all, the home was built and lived in by the first mayor of Huntsville.

Both Britain and Nicole are excited to have the opportunity to meet guests from all around the world.  They believe it will be easy to help their guests fall in love with Huntsville because it is a place that they care for and know so well.

Valley House Inn B&B near Snowbasin Utah

Ice Skating in Huntsville

Valley House Inn B&B near Snowbasin UtahOne of the highlights in Huntsville, Utah is the ice skating rink in the park. Several years back the town decided to make a rink in the park, and with the growth in popularity, the town and local businesses are accommodating visitors who want to come and skate.

Ice skate rentals are available at Texas Pride Barbecue for $2 for full details about rentals and ice skating conditions please visit the following links:

Huntsville Ice Rink is Open
Huntsville Town – Ice Rink